Uffy's line of  bulk load, automatic feeding, decorative tack nailers includes two models.  Please review the size charts to determine which model is correct for your application.  Both TH-T-DECO1 and TH-T-DECO2 will shoot the common 7/16" by 1/2" shank nail.  The TH-T-DECO2 will additionally shoot the common 7/16" by 5/8" shank nail.

Two Variation to Fit Your Needs


Selection of UFFY Brand Compatible Decorative Tacks


  • The tool requires a compressor that can produce at least 6.7 SCFM @ 90 PSI (Note: this is a different rating than horse power.  No conversion from horsepower to SCFM should be used. It's best to check manufacturers specifications).
  • French natural and antique brass tacks will run through the tool without scratching as there is an inherent nonconformity to the design.  
    • Matte or polished tacks may scratch in the tool as the tornado effect inside the hopper, can cause the tacks' points to knock in to each other.  
    • In many cases fewer tacks in the hopper can solve this issue.  
    • We have yet to find a matte black tack that will not scratch in the tool...customers are encouraged to use a gunmetal tack in place.
  • Check the nail size specification drawing and make certain your nails will work in the TH-T-DECO1 
  • The tool should not require many spare parts however, if you are an international buyer, it is always good to purchase a few spare parts 
    • The tool comes with 2 pcs. of Nozzle Rubbers TH-P-DECO1-WO0710:  We recommend two extra.
    • If the tool is dropped on a hard surface from height, there is chance of collet assembly damage: 


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