It's what's inside that counts.

Precision and Durability

Every tool sold by Uffy Direct has been tested and perfected over time.  First, and foremost, Uffy produces tools for Industrial users: factory line applications where the tools are used 9+ hours a day at an impressively rapid pace.  Tools from big-box retailers and even those with reputable names would not withstand the industrial conditions.

Total Cost of Ownership

A typical industrial customer's tool crib

It is convenient to purchase inexpensive tools from big-box and mail-order retailers however there are hidden costs.
How much do the down-time, damaged materials, and trip back to the retailer cost? 

Parts stocked in our national repair center.

Our Engineering Doctrine: How can we make it better?

We never ask : "How can we make it cheaper?"  Instead we ask: "How can we make it better?"

Each tool we develop is made with quality, durability, and precision in mind.

As such, our tools contain:

  • Hardened and heat treated driver blades
  • Metal cylinders
  • Top quality O-Rings and Screws
  • Carefully selected materials for housings


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